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Our mission is to support internationals in securing employment and providing expert knowledge and practical advice that helps them to thrive in Denmark.


Helping internationals and businesses to thrive through team bulding and employment support

Land Your Dream Job

This 1:1 session addresses personal branding, culture, capabilities, & resources enabling you to successfully navigate your career journey.

The career strategy session centres around personal development, aligning your skills to the Danish employment market.

Optimizing Your LinkedIn for You

Do you want to:

  • Land your dream job?
  • Build your professional connections?
  • Showcase your expertise to the market?

Then let us completely transform your LinkedIn profile.

CV Review

Not getting a response to your CV? Not getting to interview? Let us help you create a CV that will help you stand out for the right reasons.

Cover Letter Review

Your cover letter should bring your CV to life! Learn how to adapt your cover letter to the Danish workplace. 


Hi, I am Leslea and I founded English Job Denmark to support internationals looking for a job in Denmark.

I personally experienced how difficult and unforgiving the employment market can be for foreigners. It was a big incentive to start offering services that I had first-hand knowledge, combine this with over 20 years of helping businesses communicate their brand, add in my superpower ‘empathy’ and the result is hundreds of professionals finding paid employment.

I have collaborations with both private and public organisations such as Djøf, Københavns Erhvervshus, Copenhagen Capacity, and facilitate workshops & team building events with large businesses.

I look forward to working with you and helping you land the job of your dreams.


"Job hunting in Denmark is not easy for an international. I am glad to choose Leslea as my job consultant.
I had the pleasure of working with her on my profile writing and job searching advice.
I got a recruiter´s message right after she polished my profile.
What really impressed me most about Leslea is her effective approach with clearly defined objective.
It’s without hesitation that I recommend Leslea."

– Junping Zhang

"I came across Leslea through an insightful article she had written in the Copenhagen Post about challenges of the Danish employment market for internationals. As a result, I engaged Leslea as a job consultant through English Job Denmark and I strongly recommend that non-Danes looking for work do the same."

– Matthew Thompson

"I have seldom gotten as much out of individual sessions as with Leslea. Her professional insight is pragmatic and extremely useful. She analytically pinpoints the essence and communicates in a concise and pleasant manner with concrete examples. She exceeded my expectations and I warmly recommend her to anyone looking to excel in their career."

– Marie Blønd

"I attended "Tips & tricks for Job Seekers Workshop" and to be honest, I was unsure if an event designed mainly for foreign job seekers would benefit me, as I have been on the Danish job market for almost 5 years now and I think I know it. My notebook clearly shows a different story. In fact, my approach to job seeking is very different now. It is very time consuming to search for a job and therefore important that you use your time wisely. Leslea had a very pragmatic and fresh take on job seeking and I am very happy I got a chance to attend."

– Johan Rindmar

"Job seeking is really hard work and is even harder in a foreign country where you're unaware of the written and written rules, you might not have your family's and friends' support, and might also be struggling with a new language. I feel so lucky to have been given the opportunity to volunteer with a group of people that have supported me during my job-seeking efforts, made me feel heard and understood every step of the way, and given me a good reason to get outside and be around people that care. Thanks, EJD and Leslea Petersen!"
– Marianna Peverini

"Leslea has been a great support over the last few years. Finding a job here in Copenhagen wasn't easy, but I'm there now and it feels great! I had phone calls and attended online events, these, plus the regular optimistic posts were very reassuring. So, thank you for all your help."

– Anna Douglas

"Leslea is a charming and witty speaker. Her talk about job search in Denmark is worth listening to, it is filled with great observations about the cultural differences in life/work life. She brings great advice about the application format, content, and the whole process. She surely gives very valuable tips on living and working in Denmark whilst presenting everything in a very entertaining way."

– Henriette Schøn


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