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Job seeking is really hard work and is even harder in a foreign country where you’re unaware of the
written and written rules, you might not have your family’s and friends’; support, and might also be struggling with a new language. I feel so lucky to have been given the opportunity to volunteer with a
group of people that have supported me during my job-seeking efforts, made me feel heard and
understood every step of the way, and given me a good reason to get outside and be around people
that care. Thanks, EJD and Leslea Petersen!

Marianna Peverini

If you get the chance to attend Leslea’s workshop, I highly recommend you do it.

I attended “Tips & tricks for Job Seekers Workshop” and to be honest, I was unsure if an event
designed mainly for foreign job seekers would benefit me, as I have been on the Danish job market
for almost 5 years now and I think I know it. My notebook clearly shows a different story. In fact, my
approach to job seeking is very different now. It is very time consuming to search for a job and
therefore important that you use your time wisely. Leslea had a very pragmatic and fresh take on job
seeking and I am very happy I got a chance to attend.

Johan Rindmar

I have seldom gotten as much out of individual sessions as with Leslea. Her professional insight is
pragmatic and extremely useful. She analytically pinpoints the essence and communicates in a
concise and pleasant manner with concrete examples. She exceeded my expectations and I warmly
recommend her to anyone looking to excel in their career.

Marie Blønd

Welcome Group is a fantastic company. They offer tailor-made solutions to everyday problems. Working
with them for the last couple of months was outstanding from Lesleas kindness and knowledge on the
subject to the whole team, always ready to share their insights into the Danish job market. I recommend
it to anyone who is on the path of finding their place in a new society.

Morgan Salmon

The employment services are worth every dkk. I started attending the short seminars and I had finally
took my chances of availing their employment service for 2 months and It definitely kicked start my
employment journey in Denmark. It gave me more confidence and it led me to the right path on where
to look and what to focus on. Thanks Leslea and team! more power to all of you.

Lady Cheysser Dimacs


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