Land Your Dream Job - All Inclusive

Do you want to find your dream job? Then this is for you!

The session addresses personal branding, culture, capabilities, and resources enabling you to successfully navigate your career journey in Denmark. The career strategy session centres around personal development, aligning your skills to the Danish employment market.

This session is 2.5 hours and is tailored to your requirements. This 1:1 will be with our CEO, Leslea Petersen.

“I am passionate about coaching professionals to land the job of their dreams and have placed hundreds of internationals into professional roles, across all sectors. If you are starting your career journey in Denmark, I will teach you everything you need to get a job, from where to search, to writing a great CV and cover letter, and creating a targeted list of companies. If you want a career change, we will work together to find new opportunities and define your transferable skills to develop into a new profile. ‘Rebrand’ you to reflect your previous experience and, how that can be utilised to build a new career path.”

Here’s an overview of what you can include in your session:

  • Asset Identification – Identify your Core Values – Identify and learn what soft & hard skills are and discover your ‘Why’ and what values will help you distinguish what job and type of organisation will be a perfect fit.
  • Job Search Process – What is involved in the job search process, including over the phone contact, job searching in Denmark and Danish Work Culture.
  • CV – What makes a good CV and how to make yours stand out.
  • LinkedIn – Sell yourself using the recruiters’ own tools ‘LinkedIn,’ learn how to network with new colleagues, refer, recommend, and create an outstanding profile that will get you noticed by recruiters.
  • Cover Letter – unsolicited application and next steps.
  • Interview – what to expect and how to meet the Danish requirements.

You will leave with a focused career strategy that will help you to secure the job you know you deserve. But more than that, it will help you address the range of challenges that modern day job seeking presents.

With a tailored strategy, learn how to switch your focus from searching for any position, to exploring the type of organisation that will enable you to be at your best.

After purchase you will be contacted by one of our team to arrange further.