Top 10 Suggestions for LinkedIn

LinkedIn in Denmark is used extensively by recruiters and over 50% of all jobs are recruited via this networking portal.

Communicating effectively what you can offer an organisation is vital if you are to get to an interview and having a Danish-style CV and Cover letter is the starting point. However, to promote what you can offer and network at the same time, having a LinkedIn account is a must have! You have the opportunity to highlight your skills & experience to recruiters and HR Managers and connect with key players in the organisations you are targeting.

LinkedIn provides an insight into what you have done previously, but it also lets companies know so much more.

Did you know that recruiters use LinkedIn to see whether you know anyone within the company? Or to see whether any of your previous colleagues/bosses have recommended you?

Here’s our top 10 suggestions to improve your LinkedIn:

  1. Your job title should reflect what job you want, not ‘Looking for new opportunities’ – think like a recruiter.
  2. Have the same profile picture on your CV and LinkedIn profile.
  3. Make sure your ‘about’ section talks about your key skills & personality and not a re-write of your experience.
  4. Use ‘key words’ throughout your profile.
  5. Have a complete profile.
  6. Explain any gaps in work experience.
  7. It’s perfectly fine to add voluntary work or other achievements.
  8. Ask your previous colleagues for recommendations.
  9. Add key skills so your contacts can endorse you.
  10. Be active daily – post/comment etc and show the hiring managers that you are the expert.

With a complete profile you are more likely to be found and hired.LinkedIn is a platform for you to communicate with future colleagues, companies and directly to decision makers – huge opportunities await!

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