Unsolicited Cover letter Checklist

Unsolicited Cover letter Checklist

Unsolicited Cover letter Checklist 1920 1275 English Job in Denmark

With an unsolicited Cover letter, you give yourself a great opportunity to stand out versus the competition. You are creating a role in an organisation that precisely fits your skillset and experience and as over 50% of jobs are filled through unsolicited applications in Denmark, it increases your chances of landing a job.



It is slightly different to a standard cover letter that gives you an actual job description, but you still need to create a cover letter specific to each organisation. Utilise the wording that the company uses on their website/LinkedIn and across their social media. It will give you an idea of the type of company it is, laid back or formal for eg. What is their mission? Where are they working and what do they want to achieve. Tell them how you can help them meet those goals.

 1-page will cover it

As with a standard cover letter, it should only be 1-page. You are trying to make an impression quickly and want them to want to read it! Make it easy for the recruiter.


Template / Design

Try and adapt your cover letter so it mirrors your CV. It shows you personal brand to the full and sets you apart from the crowd. It also highlights that you have been thorough in representing yourself to the organisation in a clear and visible way and looks very professional.


Copy / paste

Never use the same cover letter for each unsolicited application. It might be for another finance job for eg, doing a similar role but each organisation is unique in its brand and it’s insulting to a recruiter to waste their time reviewing an unsolicited cover letter that shows you have made no effort and done no research into their company.


In summary:

Cover Letter Maximum 1 page

Template & design that matches your CV

Do your research and use their language & key words that you can find from their website with each one

Never copy & paste – always make each one unique to the company


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