Nadica Damevska

Nadica Damevska

Nadica Damevska 150 150 English Job in Denmark

The best idea that had ever came on my mind was joining English Job Denmark!

I was standing somewhere there in the middle of the crossroad, having no idea where I should go!
Leslea, not only that helped me find my way towards my new amazing job, after only 3 applications, but
she as well has built my self confidence, that was lost somewhere in the way between moving to foreign
country, becoming a parent and willing to try something new.

It took me 2 very difficult months, to get the first interview and with that my new job as well. I was
reading, writing, investigating, giving up, crying, starting all over, but Lesley gave me her
professionalism, passion in helping others and definitely shared her network and experience, that I will
be thankful forever!

The best invested kronas and 2 months in my life!

I highly recommend it!