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#Day Office Workspace

Are you missing being in a work environment and networking with colleagues? Here’s our third initiative, which is going to help you get that work feeling back and allow you to build your confidence through an office sharing initiative.

Rent an office space with others for half a day, for the cost of a few coffees, and start gaining that work experience vibe in Denmark. 

You will have a desk & chair, free tea & coffee, the use of a printer and free WIFI, all while networking & interacting with others.

No more Monday morning blues! Get your suit out and book your first half day here.

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Join the EJD team

English Job Denmark Panel Representative

Our aim at English Job Denmark has always been to impart our experience and knowledge to the members to support you in your search for paid employment. We always say that we don’t have all the answers but have been in your situation and fully understand the frustrations and challenges. With this in mind and the fact that so many of you write to us personally, and share such wonderful ideas within the group, we thought that we would give some of you the opportunity to give feedback and discuss new ways that we can support you in a more structured way.

The English Job Denmark Panel (EJDP), is one of our new initiatives and is a direct response to your feedback! It will give the EJD team and members time to discuss ideas, listen to your needs and find solutions in navigating the job search in Denmark better.

Please note that this is an unpaid position.

What is an EJDP Representative?

We want you to come to us with your ideas, with the freedom to know that the discussion is inhouse (and therefore in a safe environment) and your ideas are heard. This will give you the possibility to develop yourself and skills, as well as provide the opportunity to later list your new ‘profile’ on your CV. So, come and help us develop our group so that others will benefit from your ideas.

Your tasks will consist of: 

  • Joining the team once a month as a representative of EJD. For those of you in Greater Copenhagen, you will come to the EJD office but everyone else will join in via Zoom.
  • Bring your experience of looking for paid employment in Denmark and be prepared to share what has worked for you and what hasn’t.
  • Bring your skills and work experience to the group and network with others.
  • Allow the team to share new concepts/initiatives and give us your honest feedback. 

We offer

  • The opportunity to influence the future of a non profit.
  • A dynamic environment where your opinion is needed and validated.
  • Close and informal contact with the EJD management team.
  • Part of an exciting new concept with the opportunity add to your CV and LinkedIn.

Who are you?

You are friendly, thoughtful and ready to make a difference.
You like to help people and think by helping others, you will be helping yourself.
You miss an office environment and being a team player, you are ready to network and share your skills and experience.

Deadline:  22 June 2020

Apply by email to: and send a short cover letter detailing why you think you would be good 

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English Job Denmark – Expat Employment Support

You may have attended one of our events, heard about us from a friend or happened upon us by reading The Copenhagen Post, however you have come to read this, you are most definitely in the right place if you are looking for support towards achieving your employment goals in Denmark!

English Job Denmark is the brainchild of a group of professional expats that have experienced first hand, how difficult and unforgiving the employment market is for foreigners. Partnering with The Welcome Group, a company committed to accelerating integration and supporting internationals, English Job Denmark was launched. 

Using the expertise of Career Strategist, Karey-Anne Duevang, Director of The Welcome Group and Leslea Petersen, Communications Director of The Welcome Group, English Job Denmark was able to tailor the group to cater to it’s members.  Using their insight to find and post English speaking vacancies and promoting them to the members of the group. 

We wanted to create a group that cared, that really made a difference and we wanted to help people, but we knew we couldn’t do that alone. So, we launched English Job Denmark on facebook in order to create a support group – a community of like minded expats, and a platform for expats to help one another. 

Karey-Anne Duevang, Director of The Welcome Group 

The EJD Facebook group was launched on 27th September 2018 and from very early on the response was phenomenal. Experiencing a surge in new members and by using feedback, the group took form and continues to grow serving the International community throughout Denmark.

I saw this group as a way for people to help one another, to be pro-active and to learn from others experiences. It is a way for job seekers to connect and to find roles that don’t require Danish.

Leslea Petersen, Communications Director of The Welcome Group 

English Job Denmark has proudly partnered with the most widely read English speaking newspaper in Denmark, The Copenhagen Post. Find the English Job Denmark recruitment page in every issue featuring vacancies ready to apply for! Pick up your free copy today.

Click here to read The Copenhagen Post online.

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