How to create an outstanding CV

How to create an outstanding CV

How to create an outstanding CV 936 350 English Job in Denmark

In Denmark it takes something special in order to get your CV noticed, and it is quite different to any other country when it comes to applying your skills and expertise.

Your CV is the perfect way to present your achievements, education, and work experience. You need a CV that will help you stand out from the crowd, but for the right reasons!

So, how do you do that and not make the rookie mistakes the team at The Welcome Group see on a daily basis! Here’s our tips & tricks to get you started and ensure that the recruiter reads it and places your CV on the top of the pile:

Size Matters!

Don’t be fooled into thinking that 7 pages shows great achievement, it simply shows you cannot summarise your achievements or identify your key assets. If your CV is too long, the recruiter simply won’t bother to read it. Maximum 2 pages for a professional CV and 1 page for an unskilled role.

Fail a passport photo!

In Denmark you need to have a small photo of yourself on the front page of your CV. It should be a professional photo. Selfies are ok, if you aren’t holding an ice-cream or stood with someone else and remember to look friendly, approachable and smile.

Template / Design

Making your CV stand out for the wrong reasons is not a good idea. No floral designs or food backgrounds (yes, we really received this once)! Denmark is about subtleties, so choose a CV template, colour and design that highlights your assets. It should also be easy to read and to navigate (if there are columns make sure you can easily read, left to right) and that the end user (the recruiter) will not get lost trying to navigate his or her way through.

Welfare State

Denmark has an exceptionally good welfare system and for students and others that are unemployed, they receive unemployment benefit (dagpenge).

The state requires that 2 applications be sent weekly, otherwise you are at risk of losing the unemployment benefit (dagpenge). You therefore have to show the recruiter that you have read the job description and that you are actually applying for THAT SPECIFIC JOB because you want it, not simply as part of your 2 applications that week – no copy & paste applications and really APPLY yourself by stating what value you can bring to the organisation.


The point above is the reason why it is imperative that you tailor your CV to each specific job. In your profile at the top of your CV, you should describe your key features, then adapt it to every job. If you have work experience specific to the job, then highlight it. If the company has a vision they are trying to achieve, then include it. Use keywords to show that you have done your research and really want to work for that specific company.

The Graduate

Grades are not that important. The education system here is free, so many have a higher education. It is therefore essential that you sell yourself on what you can offer the organisation, instead of what you have previously scored at university. Denmark is a million miles away from the Ivy League schools of the US, so the education and where you have gained it will not get your hired – your skills and ability to communicate effectively what you can offer a particular organisation will!

Here’s a very good example of a well laid out, easily navigated CV that adheres to Danish standards



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