Essentials for job seeking in Denmark

Essentials for job seeking in Denmark

Essentials for job seeking in Denmark 740 490 English Job in Denmark

The employment market in Denmark is tough, especially if you are searching for the ever-elusive English-speaking role. We’ll let you into a little secret it is expensive to recruit in Denmark, so employers are more than happy to find their next employee through their network, so how do you make sure they find you amongst the crowd of job applicants?

Being an English speaker is not enough to set you apart from the crowd, as the Danes are actually very good at speaking English.

Here are some simple, but effective ways to ensure you get to that first interview


1) Denmark has a very anti ‘me’ culture and appreciates someone that can work well within a team. Mention that you are a team player and give examples in your job application of how you delivered a project or worked within a team to deliver a company’s goals. Other skills are important like leadership, good communication, but collaboration and working well with others are key ones to include.


2) Danish workplace culture can be a tough one to work out – the hierarchy is flat by the way! Everyone eats lunch together; Friday drinks and Christmas Lunch are all designed for you to socialise, and attendance is expected, whether you are a drinker or not!  Show willing and attend as many events as you can, even if it’s for a quick drink (you don’t need to drink alcohol there is always other drinks on offer). Don’t stay and eat your lunch at your desk, instead join your colleagues. Show them you wish to be a part of the team and to learn and understand them. It also shows a willingness to fit in.


3) Your CV is the perfect way to present your achievements, education and work experience. On average a recruiter will take 7 seconds to read an entire application (CV and cover letter),  so if it’s 4 pages, it simply will not be read! If the recruiter feels that your CV is interesting, it will be placed in the pile for next stage assessment. You therefore need a CV that will help you stand out from the crowd, without being over the top.


4) Your cover letter allows you to introduce yourself, your unique personality and is also how you bring your CV to life. Show why you are perfect for the job by researching the company thoroughly and by providing examples of how you can help the company reach their goals.


5) Recruiters, headhunters and agencies all want to seek cost effective means to recruit new employees, so make it easy for them to find you. Use your network to announce that you are seeking new employment via a post on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram – all fantastic ways to reach a large audience.


Top tip from a recruiter

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Concentrate on building your professional network and reach out to people within your line of work. A quick note that states the below is incredibly powerful:

Hi, I notice we work within a similar field and as I am new to Denmark I would like to extend my network. Regards, X


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