CV Checklist

CV Checklist

CV Checklist 640 640 English Job in Denmark


If you wish to gain employment in Denmark, then you need to add a photo of your self to your CV. This is used by the recruiter to assess suitability of fit into the existing team. The image should show you in a friendly, professional light. Relaxed and remember to smile! Too serious and they will see someone cold that would be a bad fit in their team.

Size Matters!

Don’t be fooled into thinking that 7 pages, show’s great achievement, no this simply shows you cannot summarise your achievements or identify your key assets. If your CV is too long, it simply gets over looked, as the reader doesn’t have time to read through 4 pages to see if you have the correct attributes they are seeking.

Template / Design

Making your CV stand out for the wrong reasons, is dangerous. No floral designs or food backgrounds (yes, we received this once)! Denmark is about subtleties, so choose a CV template that highlights your assets, is easy to read and to navigate (if there’s columns make sure you can easily read, left to right). Easy navigation of your CV, well laid out and highlighting key skills.

Welfare State

Denmark has a very good welfare system and for students and others that find themselves unemployed, they receive unemployment benefit (dagpenge).

The state requires that applications are sent weekly, to show that they have applied for a certain number of jobs, otherwise they are at risk of loosing the unemployment benefit (dagpenge). You therefore have to show the recruiter, that you have read the job description and that you are actually applying for THAT SPECIFIC JOB, because you want it, not simply as part of your 4 that week.



The point above is the reason why, it is imperative that you tailor your CV to each specific job. If you have a text at the top, that describes your key features, then adapt it to the job. If you have work experience specific to the job, then highlight it.


The Graduate

Grades are not that important. The education system here is free, so many have higher education certificates. It is therefore imperative, that you sell yourself on what you can offer the organisation, instead of what you have previously scored at university.


In summary:

  • Include an image on your CV with you smiling
  • CV Maximum 2 pages
  • Template & design appropriate for the industry you wish to work within
  • Add key features from the specific role you are applying for
  • Adapt your CV to the specific role before submitting
  • Highlight key skills and experience


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