Cover Letter Checklist

Cover Letter Checklist

Cover Letter Checklist 640 640 English Job in Denmark

Size Matters!

Your cover letter should not be any longer than 1-page. A recruiter uses less than 7-seconds to review your ENTIRE application including your cover letter and CV. With 7-seconds (or less spent on your cover letter) you have to communicate why you would you be the right candidate for the position quickly and efficiently.


Template / Design

Template or design is also recommended for your CV, and by using the same design on your cover letter it shows a continuation of your brand throughout the application. Making your Cover Letter stand out for the right reasons is also a very good move. You need to create something that is visually appealing and also effective at communicating an abundance of information in an easy to navigate way.



It is imperative that you create a cover letter specific to each role you are applying for. Include key features from the job description and adapt it to the job. If you have work experience specific to the job, then highlight it. Try to use wording they use on their website or in the job description itself. Is there a mention of “an energetic marketing intern”, then write that you are an energetic marketing intern excited to submit your application!


Copy / paste

Never, ever be tempted to copy paste a cover letter. A trained recruiter will spot this within seconds and instead of your cover letter securing you an interview it will be ejected from the building quicker than an avenger.


In summary:

  • Cover Letter Maximum 1 page
  • Template & design that matches your CV
  • Do your research and add key features from the specific role you are applying for
  • Never be tempted to copy / paste – always start from scratch


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