English Job Denmark provides solutions to guide and inform Internationals that are in the process of redundancy. 

Outplacement Specialist Sessions can be used for coaching, guidance, or counselling, and covers the necessary steps to inform, support and provide feedback to each jobseeker and helps to establish goals. 

The sessions are on an individual basis and last 1 hour and we suggest a max of 2 sessions per week so the job seeker can work on the different elements highlighted from the previous session. 

The sessions start with identifying the jobseeker’s personal and professional competencies and an evaluation of the client’s career so far. This allows for the jobseeker and the coach to evaluate any areas that need addressing and to help create goals for the next steps in the job-search process. 

The first sessions frequently identify areas that need work such as CV, cover letter or LinkedIn profile. Managing the disappointment from losing a job and providing encouragement and support, are key elements of the success of the EJD outplacement service. 

A summary is sent to the client at the end of every session with clear goals and ‘homework’ to keep the jobseekers focused and determined. Information / articles and exercises are provided to support the session. 


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