Cover letter

Unsolicited Cover letter Checklist

Unsolicited Cover letter Checklist 1920 1275 English Job in Denmark

With an unsolicited Cover letter, you give yourself a great opportunity to stand out versus the competition. You are creating a role in an organisation that precisely fits your skillset and experience and as over 50% of jobs are filled through unsolicited applications in Denmark, it increases your chances of landing a job.   Research…

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Cover Letter Tips: Make Yours Stand Out

Cover Letter Tips: Make Yours Stand Out 1280 864 English Job in Denmark

You have probably heard that you need to create a great cover letter in order to get your application noticed, but do you know what should be included? Did you know that a recruiter looks for very specific things in your cover letter? Here we list the most relevant things that should be included in…

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How to make your Cover Letter stand out

How to make your Cover Letter stand out 1920 1233 English Job in Denmark

Your cover letter gives you the opportunity to communicate who you are – your personality and brings your CV to life. We see so many cover letters that are just a repeat of the CV and don’t say anything new to the recruiter. It’s a good tip to think of the cover letter like the…

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