Unsolicited Cover letter Checklist

Unsolicited Cover letter Checklist 1920 1275 English Job in Denmark

With an unsolicited Cover letter, you give yourself a great opportunity to stand out versus the competition. You are creating a role in an organisation that precisely fits your skillset and experience and as over 50% of jobs are filled through unsolicited applications in Denmark, it increases your chances of landing a job.   Research…

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Cover Letter Checklist

Cover Letter Checklist 640 640 English Job in Denmark

Size Matters! Your cover letter should not be any longer than 1-page. A recruiter uses less than 7-seconds to review your ENTIRE application including your cover letter and CV. With 7-seconds (or less spent on your cover letter) you have to communicate why you would you be the right candidate for the position quickly and…

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CV Checklist

CV Checklist 640 640 English Job in Denmark

SMILE If you wish to gain employment in Denmark, then you need to add a photo of your self to your CV. This is used by the recruiter to assess suitability of fit into the existing team. The image should show you in a friendly, professional light. Relaxed and remember to smile! Too serious and…

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