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Here’s what you can expect:
* No charge to you – completely free
* Native English speaker
* In the comfort of your own home
You will have time to explain your particular situation and to receive guidance and feedback from an Employment Guidance Advisor. You will also receive a follow up email summarising the call and access to information and advice about lots of events and resources supporting internationals in Denmark.

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Free Tips & Tricks for Jobseekers

Designed to introduce you to the fundamentals of transitioning into employment in Denmark. It is not always easy – especially if you don’t speak Danish.
Enjoy a 60-minute presentation with tips & tricks for Job seekers about how to find an English-speaking position in Denmark.
At this special virtual webinar, we will cover:
How and where to look for English speaking positions in DK
Cover letter & CV tips
Q&A session

Unsolicited Application

How to Write a Great Cover Letter

Designed to give you the know how about creating a cover letter that stands out in Denmark. With practical advice and step-by-step on screen instruction. The presentation consists of a 1-hour presentation about how to write a great cover letter.
We will cover:

Cover Letter norms in DK
The fundamentals and what to be aware of
Common mistakes and how to avoid them
How to create your Cover Letter


Tips & tricks for Job Seekers Workshop

English Job Denmark has partnered with Djøf, one of the biggest unions in Denmark with over 107,000 members, who work at all levels in the private and public sector in the fields of law, economics and communications.
Our host is Leslea Petersen, the director of English Job Denmark. Leslea will share her story about how she uncovered the ‘unwritten rules’ and built her network to work with some of the biggest brands in Denmark.
The workshop will be interactive and give you the opportunity to ask questions throughout.
The workshop will cover:
• How to build your network from scratch
• How to communicate your understanding of the Danish workplace in your CV and cover letter
• Recruitment rules: Deliver – Fit in – Stay
• How to use your LinkedIn to build authentic connections as a non-Dane
• Danish work culture – what you need to know to fit in
• How to stay motivated in the job search
• 15-minute Q&A


Advance Job Seeking with LinkedIn

This virtual Advanced Job Seeking with LinkedIn Presentation is designed to give you a thorough introduction to LinkedIn plus tips & tricks of how to optimise your LinkedIn profile. With practical advice and step-by-step on screen instruction.

The webinar consists of a 1-hour presentation and 15-minute Q&A session where you can ask any questions about how to build and optimise your LinkedIn profile. The LinkedIn presentation will cover:

The key steps to building your LinkedIn profile
How to Optimise LinkedIn
Common mistakes and how to avoid them
How to create visibility to hiring managers and network within your industry