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More articles added every week!

More articles added every week! 1280 768 English Job in Denmark

The EJD team add articles to this platform each week.   Articles coming up within the next 7 days:   What are soft skills How to build your professional network How to use Canva to support your application.   To access the full article, become a member

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How To Find A ‘Survival’ Job In Denmark

How To Find A ‘Survival’ Job In Denmark 768 514 English Job in Denmark

Finding a job while you are studying in a foreign country can be tough, especially if it’s a country where you don’t speak the language.  We all know that there are a lot of challenges. The following suggestions might help you to get a better idea of what to look for, if you are searching…

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Getting started with LinkedIn

Getting started with LinkedIn 600 424 English Job in Denmark

LinkedIn in Denmark is used extensively by recruiters and over 50% of all jobs are recruited via this networking portal. Communicating effectively what you can offer an organisation is vital if you are to get to an interview and having a Danish-style CV and Cover letter is the starting point. However, to promote what you…

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How to create an outstanding CV

How to create an outstanding CV 936 350 English Job in Denmark

In Denmark it takes something special in order to get your CV noticed, and it is quite different to any other country when it comes to applying your skills and expertise. Your CV is the perfect way to present your achievements, education, and work experience. You need a CV that will help you stand out…

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How to make your Cover Letter stand out

How to make your Cover Letter stand out 1920 1233 English Job in Denmark

Your cover letter gives you the opportunity to communicate who you are – your personality and brings your CV to life. We see so many cover letters that are just a repeat of the CV and don’t say anything new to the recruiter. It’s a good tip to think of the cover letter like the…

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CV Check list

CV Check list 640 640 English Job in Denmark

SMILE If you wish to gain employment in Denmark, then you need to add a photo of your self to your CV. This is used by the recruiter to assess suitability of fit into the existing team. The image should show you in a friendly, professional light. Relaxed and remember to smile! Too serious and…

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Advice from one expat to another

Advice from one expat to another 640 426 English Job in Denmark

We are often asked about the best ways to find employment in Denmark. EJD’s founder Karey-Anne, recaps “when I arrived from the UK, I was full of hope and had a CV that was both accomplished and varied. I was a specialist in nothing, instead a master generalist. Finding employment was difficult and after leaving…

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Essentials for job seeking in Denmark

Essentials for job seeking in Denmark 740 490 English Job in Denmark

The employment market in Denmark is tough, especially if you are searching for the ever-elusive English-speaking role. We’ll let you into a little secret it is expensive to recruit in Denmark, so employers are more than happy to find their next employee through their network, so how do you make sure they find you amongst the crowd of job applicants? Being…

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