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Our mission

Our mission is to support internationals in securing employment and providing expert knowledge and practical advice that helps them to thrive in Denmark.

About us

The aim at English Job Denmark has always been to support internationals in Denmark. With over 5 decades of living and working in Denmark, this team of professionals has experienced first-hand how difficult and unforgiving the employment market can be for foreigners. English Job Denmark was launched to meet that need and is fast becoming the first choice for internationals in their search for support and advice navigating the Danish job market.


Leslea Petersen

Danish Consultant

Sigga Nordgaard

Marketing Consultant

Ria Sengupta


Highly recommend Leslea at the Welcome Group if you are an international entering the job market in
Denmark. She is truly invested in helping her clients find the right role using her invaluable experience
and insights into the Danish job market. Through her continuous support, encouragement and guidance
I landed a perfect role in a short time. Thank you Leslea. Keep up your wonderful work.

Munisha Blum