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Our mission is to support internationals in securing employment and providing expert knowledge and practical advice that helps them to thrive in Denmark.

About us

The aim at English Job Denmark has always been to support internationals in Denmark. With over 5 decades of living and working in Denmark, this team of professionals has experienced first-hand how difficult and unforgiving the employment market can be for foreigners. English Job Denmark was launched to meet that need and is fast becoming the first choice for internationals in their search for support and advice navigating the Danish job market.

We have built great collaborations with both private and public organisations such as Djøf, Københavns Erhvervshus, Copenhagen Capacity and many companies to further the support for internationals seeking work and landing their dream job in Denmark.


Leslea Petersen

Danish Consultant

Sigga Nordgaard

Marketing Consultant

Ria Sengupta


If you get the chance to attend Leslea’s workshop, I highly recommend you do it.

I attended “Tips & tricks for Job Seekers Workshop” and to be honest, I was unsure if an event
designed mainly for foreign job seekers would benefit me, as I have been on the Danish job market
for almost 5 years now and I think I know it. My notebook clearly shows a different story. In fact, my
approach to job seeking is very different now. It is very time consuming to search for a job and
therefore important that you use your time wisely. Leslea had a very pragmatic and fresh take on job
seeking and I am very happy I got a chance to attend.

Johan Rindmar

I have seldom gotten as much out of individual sessions as with Leslea. Her professional insight is
pragmatic and extremely useful. She analytically pinpoints the essence and communicates in a
concise and pleasant manner with concrete examples. She exceeded my expectations and I warmly
recommend her to anyone looking to excel in their career.

Marie Blønd

I came across Leslea through an insightful article she had written in the Copenhagen Post about
challenges of the Danish employment market for internationals. As a result, I engaged Leslea as a job
consultant through English Job Denmark and I strongly recommend that non-Danes looking for work do
the same.

Leslea is warm natured, immediately disarming, great at listening and also quick to understand the
person and their situation. She uses effective tools and frameworks to help the client clarify and
document their skills, values, and passion and she gives direct and constructive feedback as the process

Leslea has a broad array of experience and connections, both in the Danish market and abroad, and she
understands the nuances of job hunting in Denmark. Sometimes it’s a very small detail that’s the
difference between your applications going unanswered, and interviews starting to be offered. Leslea
helps identify those necessary adjustments and provides grounded expectations of salary/benefits/time

Leslea is simply a great resource for any international looking to secure the right job for them, in

Matthew Thompson

Leslea is brilliant! I got an interview with the first job I applied for.

Thank you for transforming my boring cv into something that stands out

Nadia Steyn
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